OPPO CPH1931 A5 2020 Unlock by ZS Isp Tool Software Umt Emmc

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OPPO CPH1931 A5 2020 Unlock by ZS Isp Tool Software Umt Emmc

UMT Emmc Tool Log’s :

Opening Device…Done
Physical Details:
Chip Size : 0xE8F800000 [58.24 GB]
Sector Size : 0x0200
Sector Count : 0x0747C000
Reading Partition Data…OK
Header Rev. : 0x00010000
Header Size : 0x5C
Header CRC : 0x0916B12B
Current LBA : 0x00000001
Backup LBA : 0x0747BFFF
First LBA : 0x00000022
Last LBA : 0x0747BFDE
PIT Entry Size : 0x80
Disk GUID : E2E7CCB75B4A9283D2481B0291968F6C
Sector Size : 0x0200
Parsing Partition Entries…OK
Part Count : 86
Reading Device Information…OK
Device : OPPO
Android Ver. : 9
Formatting Userdata in Safe Mode…Done
Turn on device to finalize operation.
Operation Finished.

Here Is Our OPPO A5 2020 Unlocking Video Tutorial :

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